[Coladam] Adam USB?

Frances and/or Richard Clee cleechez at tamcotec.com
Sat Jun 23 18:33:08 EDT 2007

Some personal reactions/ questions.

First, being a hoary old traditionalist, I'd see my ideal as a USB 
interface that plugged into the Adam and let it use peripherals 
directly, such as floppy drives, hard discs and printers. I'd really 
rather not have to go through the DOS box if I don't have to.

In terms of size - isn't the biggest memory device (hard disc, memory 
stick, whatever) 64 meg? Of course ADAMnet always allowed daisy-chaining 
which USB does too - but given the size of ADAM programs, I doubt many 
would be needed even to contain everything ever written.

There would, I suspect, be a big problem with drivers, not so much with 
floppies or even hard discs, but for the more recent printers and 
perhaps memory cards and their readers. And wouldn't a CD/DVD R/W unit 
be neat? Though what one would do for a memory buffer, I'm not sure.

But this speculation just sounds incredibly marvellous, and something 
that could go a long way to making the ADAM a useful machine (for 
certain purposes) again. Don't know how to encourage the man, but would 
certainly like to do it,

And has anyone told him about Adamcon yet?

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