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That sounds promising, as well, and I encourage you to keep working on it.
Please remember, the ADAM is new to Steven Tucker and he's more in a "see if
it can be done" mode than anything else. He could very well decide it's not
worth his time and trouble. Your interface board sounds very similar to his
Atari device, except it hooks to the PC's serial port via a cable. The cable
runs to the interface card and then the Atari's cable hooks into the other
end of that.

There are two software programs that come with it. One acts as a "virtual
disk drive" -- actually I think you can hook up to eight drives to the
Atari. All as you do is click on the disk or rom image you want to run and
then turn your Atari on and the image loads from your PC.  The other allows
you to read and write disk and rom images either to your PC or back onto a
real Atari disk via the Atari disk drive.

Although I have two Atari drives, I rarely use them now since I can boot
everything from my PC. The device also allows you to use your PC printer and
modem. although I have had varying success using them. It's probably a
matter of getting the settings right.

In any case, if any of these devices see the light of day, I'll buy one!!!!

Joe B.

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> I also have been working on a USB interface card for the Adam.  I have a
> board that I can get for $30 US, which is an AVR board, and includes a USB
> OTG (Universal Serial Bus On The Go) controller, and 48 general I/O pins,
> and 8 MB of flash.  I was hoping to get some help from Rich Drushel at
> AdamCon concerning interfacing it to AdamNET.  The plan was to support
> images on the built in flash + external flash drives that you connect up.
> You could have 4 tape drives and 4 disk drives mounted at once.
> As for how to change what is mounted, well, you could do it with a LCD
> screen, and navigate through the disk images or create new ones.  It has a
> built in 4 direction + clickable joystick, plus one other programmable
> button.  So if I got it going, it could be self contained.  Maybe a whole
> interfacing device would cost about $60 or something, with LCD and a small
> enclosure, and the connectors for the Adam.  It would require external
> to work probably.  For testing I've been using a 9V battery when it is
> running in host mode.   But it can for sure be powered by a 5V source.  So
> would have to check if AdamNET's power would be enough.  I suspect it
> be actually.
> I haven't thought about printers, but it does include drivers for keyboard
> and mouse interfacing, so as strange as it sounds, we could use the Adam
> with a USB keyboard.
> But of course I'm slow at these things, and have been working on this
> project since December.  So I'm sure that someone else could easily beat
> to it.
> I got mine from digikey, but here is the link to the information on the
> Amtel site:
> http://www.atmel.com/dyn/products/tools_card.asp?tool_id=3879
> and that links to digikey.
> Dale
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> >[Joe Blenkle] spake unto the ether:
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> > > Any comments or thoughts on this from the group?
> >
> > WOW!!!!!!!  Very exciting, and I'd love to know the tech.  I
> >always figured it was possible.
> >
> > *Rich*
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