[Coladam] Adam USB?

Ron MItchell bytehacker at shaw.ca
Sat Jun 23 23:27:41 EDT 2007

Just for info Rich, I have a flash memory stick that is about 1/8 the
size of my HP handheld PDA and it can hold 4 GB. I also have two
external USB hard drives. One of them will fit in my shirt pocket; it
can hold 80 GB. The other is a little bigger but would go easily in my
camera bag, along with my camera. It holds 320 GB. The other day in
Futile Shoppe, I was looking at a 500 GB USB drive. Didn't buy it.
(silly me)


On Sat, 2007-06-23 at 18:33 -0400, Frances and/or Richard Clee wrote:
> Some personal reactions/ questions.
> First, being a hoary old traditionalist, I'd see my ideal as a USB 
> interface that plugged into the Adam and let it use peripherals 
> directly, such as floppy drives, hard discs and printers. I'd really 
> rather not have to go through the DOS box if I don't have to.
> In terms of size - isn't the biggest memory device (hard disc, memory 
> stick, whatever) 64 meg? Of course ADAMnet always allowed daisy-chaining 
> which USB does too - but given the size of ADAM programs, I doubt many 
> would be needed even to contain everything ever written.
> There would, I suspect, be a big problem with drivers, not so much with 
> floppies or even hard discs, but for the more recent printers and 
> perhaps memory cards and their readers. And wouldn't a CD/DVD R/W unit 
> be neat? Though what one would do for a memory buffer, I'm not sure.
> But this speculation just sounds incredibly marvellous, and something 
> that could go a long way to making the ADAM a useful machine (for 
> certain purposes) again. Don't know how to encourage the man, but would 
> certainly like to do it,
> And has anyone told him about Adamcon yet?
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