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            I am glad to hear that people are still making hardware and software for the Adam and Colecovision. I mainly only use my Adam for classic Supergames and cartridge games. Some of these products mentioned lately if they get developed and are high quality then possible Ecoleco might be interesting in carrying them for resale.
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Also there is a market for power supplies and Disk drives on EBAY. Remember the average person that is still using the Adam is using it for classic Supergames and colecovision cartridges. Some are still using it as a computer.  The average Adam owner has never owned a Hard Drive or Floppy drive and only uses Digital Data Packs and cartridges. A USB flash memory or 50GB BLU-RAY writer would be a nice feature for the Adam. For long term storage optical discs like BLU-RAY 50GB and DVD 4.7-8.5 GB discs will last up to 100 years and in theory are more reliable then flash memory. Of course a USB interface would be cheaper for the Adam then going with a BLU-RAY or DVD recordable drive. 
            It would be nice to be able to use a USB keyboard with the Adam or another IBM type keyboard. It is getting harder to find Adam keyboards that do not have the ugly yellow keys due to age. 
            Since the Adam and colecovision are around 25 years old now there seams to be a rebirth or interest in it again. 
            Here is an interesting link for those that want to get their colecovision and Adam (I am on a waiting list and Mike informed me that he might be able to modify the Adam also) upgraded with high quality video outputs. Mike at Viking Games will modify the colecovision and most likely the Adam computer so that it has both a component video output and an S-Video output. The advantage of S-Video over the standard composite video output is S-Video has better picture quality since it bypasses the comb filter in the display device. The luminance (black and white info) and color information is kept separate in S-Video were composite video the Y/C is combined. Better yet is component video output which is similar in some ways to RGB. Component video output is better quality then S-Video and my understand is the Colecovision has a native component signal from its video chip that allows 480I component video modification. Again I am on a waiting list to get my Adam and Colecovision upgraded. Mike informed me that he has never modified an Adam but he might be able to do it. If for some reason he is not able to do the standalone Adam since the video chip used is a little different then I plan on using Expansion module #3 so that I will have a working Adam with component video output. As most Adam users are aware the standalone Adam was better then the coleocvision with Adam expansion module #3 since the colevision only had RF CH3 and CH4 output with the video and audio modulated on one cable. The standalone Adam has composite video output and audio output using two separate cables with a little one DIN plug connector. 
            Here is information on the modification service. I been on a waiting list for months. I can not wait to get the high quality upgrade. 

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