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Sat Jun 30 19:34:47 EDT 2007

            Here are suggestions for a product that most likely could easily sale for $129.99 on EBAY. I am less interested in an AdamNet to USB PC connection. I am sure there still is a market for such device. My Adam is in another room from where my main PC is. 
            This is what an AdamNet to USB 4 port hub should do.
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USB 1.44MB 3 ½ Disk Drives can be purchased for around $18.50. A AdamNet to 4 port USB hub product should allow one to connect two USB 1.44MB floppy drives. These floppy drives would need to be able to read existing 1.44MB and 720K Adam disks and work exactly like the Mirco Innovations ADAM 1.44MB disk drive that went out of production in the early 90’s. So two jacks on the USB hub would be dedicated for two USB disk drives.
As an added bonus the 3rd jack on the USB hub would allow one to plug in a USB flash memory. 
As an added bonus a USB keyboard would plug into port number 4 of the USB hub. The keyboard would use F1-F6 for the smartkeys and the number keypad would be nice added bonus. One would no longer need to use the joystick as a number key. 
So there are my ideas. I wish such a product would become a reality.       

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