[Coladam] Adamcon deadline is now (2nd try)

Neil Wick neil at wick.net
Wed Jul 4 23:45:03 EDT 2007

Hi all,

It's time for Adamcon attendance commitments. Attaching the form to e-mail
didn't seem to work.  You can get it from

Sorry I couldn't get this out any sooner.  The address to send the money
is on the form.  Changes to your dates much be made at least 24 hours
before the con starts, but I need to give a first list to the hotel by
Thursday, July 5, so I would appreciate at least names and dates by noon
tomorrow.  If you're not sure, I'll register you anyway.

You should be able to fill in the form with the free Adobe Reader or
Acrobat and save it with all your information to email me.  You might need
a newer version of Reader:
Test saving to make sure it works before you fill in everything. If you
have trouble, let me know, but send me names and dates ASAP in any case.


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