[Coladam] AdamEm Setup Utility Program and Slideshow

Guy Bona-AdamEm Utilities adamemut at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jul 27 17:16:16 EDT 2007

Greetings from Gatineau,

I've uploaded two slideshows on my presentation of the
evaluation version of the AdamEm Utility Setup
program. You can download the files from my website
www.geocities.com/bonag_3. Click on Adam Emulator and
Utilities Direct Download.

There are two versions, one in OpenDocument format for
OpenOffice 2.0 and above and the other for you
Microsoft PowerPoint fans. That requires PowerPoint
97/2000/XP. It should work with PowerPoint 2007.

Also everyone is invited to download the evaluation
version of the Adamutev program. This is written in
QuickBasic and it was compiled as an executable file,
which does not require QuickBasic to run, but you do
need to have this file in the directory where your
AdamEm utilities are located.

Full documentation in OpenDocument (requires
OpenOffice 2.0 and above). MS Word 97 and above and
PDF which requires Adobe Reader. Send comments and
suggestions to the e-mail address in the

Any problems with running the program, let me know.
This has been tested under DOS mode with Windows 95,
98, ME and XP. Ron Mitchell has volunteer to try this
in Vista, since he has this new operating system and I
will let you all know if this works in Vista. This
will also work in standalone DOS.

The website for this is

Guy Bona
Adam Em Utilities

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