[Coladam] AdamCon 19 live broadcast

Richard F. Drushel, Ph.D. drushel at apk.net
Mon Jul 30 12:40:52 EDT 2007

[Salvatore Vito] spake unto the ether:

> I just saw your webcam.. Cool to see you and hear your voices :)

	I was glad they set it up, as I was unable to attend this year

> Anyway.. I was just tuning in when the motion went in that "maybe 20 is a 
> round number and we should stop"
> I hope Adamcon can continue.  I'd love to come in the future :)

	It's going to!  I shouldn't steal Pam Vilneff's thunder...but
there *WILL* be an ADAMcon 20 (yay).  I'll let Pam supply the details
(you listening, Pam?).

	*Dr. D.* (hoping all the ADAMcon delegates have safe trips home

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