[Coladam] AdamCon 19 live broadcast

Neil Wick neil at wick.net
Tue Jul 31 13:18:10 EDT 2007

I tried to send this yesterday, but after several hours of timeouts it
gave up.  P.S. Needless to say I got home safe and sound after dropping
Daniel off at the bus station.  I haven't figured out the final accounting
yet, but I will try to do it tonight.  When I went to finally pay the
hotel, I was a little surprised that there was a $2.00 per room per day
lodging tax that I didn't know about and therefore didn't incorporate into
my calculations.  They tried to charge me $150 for the meeting room for
Thursday, but that was quickly reversed since they had already promised my
Thursday night for free (and we were barely in there Thursday).

The hotel would really appreciate feedback in writing of things we liked
and things we didn't like about the hotel: location, facilities, staff,
etc.  I do have some verbal comments from you that I will write up, but if
any of you could write something out briefly and e-mail it to
neil at wick.net I will compile them together and send them to the hotel.

This is common sense, but I'll mention it anyway.  The t-shirts are
printed with a dye sublimation process and should last for years, as long
as they are both washed and dried inside out.

I do have about 5 hours of tapes.  Some parts are better that others.  I
will try to get it gradually posted soon, maybe on stickam, maybe on
Adamcon.org, somewhere.


On Mon, 30 Jul 2007, Richard F. Drushel, Ph.D. wrote:

> [Payton Byrd] spake unto the ether:
> > Anyone planning on putting up any videos on YouTube?
> 	Not sure that any of it was actually recorded...Neil?
> 	*Dr. D.*

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