[Coladam] Administrative test of coladam mailing list

Rich Drushel rfd at cwru.edu
Tue Aug 28 07:33:45 EDT 2007

	Apologies for the spam (if this gets out)...but for the last few
days, ever since Dale fixed a problem that was preventing administrative
logins to approve posts held for moderation (i.e., 99.999% spam sent to
coladam but blocked because the sender is not on the mailing list), there
has been *NO* E-mail in the to-moderate buffer.

	So, either Dale has added a super spam filter as a front end,
or else the entire mailing list is broken in some way :-S

	Hence, if this gets out to the list, I know it's the former
(which I greatly celebrate).  If it never shows up, then I know it's
the latter (about which I will have to get ahold of Dale).

	*Dr. D*

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