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Wed Sep 5 02:54:43 EDT 2007

            As mentioned earlier ADAM standalone owners and some owners of Colecovision’s that had their game unit modified for composite video/audio output do not get audio when using expansion module #1 (Atari 2600 adapter). Of course the RF CH3 and CH4 works fine on both the ADAM standalone and Colecovision system when using expansion module #1 (Atari 2600 adapter).
            Someone just informed me why the ATARI 2600 adapter only works with RF connections. According to this person I was communicating with the ADAM standalone computer and some of the Colecovision’s that were modified for composite output are picking up the sound directly off of the Colcovission sound chip. Since the Atari 2600 has its own sound chip there is no sound. The reason the RF modulator is able to pick up the sound from both the Colecovision/ADAM and the Atari 2600 Adapter is because the audio going to the RF modulator is not coming directly from the Colecovision sound chip.  
            So if one wants to use the ADAM standalone’s composite video and audio output or a upgraded composite video Colecovision with the Atari 2600 adapter then a modification must be made on the circuit board. The wire on the standalone ADAM that is used for audio must be moved to the area on the circuit board that does not receive sound directly from the Colecovision sound chip. One has to pick the sound up from the same location the RF modulator receives the sound before it is modulated to RF CH3 or CH4. Perhaps if I get time I will take my ADAM apart and move the audio connection wire to the correct location on the circuit board. I am very surprised that Coleco did not correct this problem with the standalone ADAM with a revision that allowed sound to work with the Atari 2600 adapter.   

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