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I Think I vaguely remember the name... It has been many a year ago, and my
memory is kinda foggy lately If I kick it around with GK or even could talk
to Zonk, I know we would remember...  That was about the time we first got
into the Adam. 85 -86....

Good Friends are FOREVER... And Thats a Long, LONG, Time. So, PLEASE Stay
Intouch... H Mason Jr

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> Just had a call from Charlotte Paterson. Apparently Doug passed away
> on Wednesday night. She says he went peacefully in his sleep.
> Just thought I'd let you know. I imagine that Tony and John would
> remember Doug, Bill might not. He was a member of the original ADAM
> User Friendly Group well before I was, and if it wasn't for a chance
> meeting with him in the Ottawa Public Library one day in the spring
> of 1985, I might not have met the rest of you. Was headed to the
> check-out counter that day with an ADAM book tucked under my arm, and
> Doug stopped me and introduced himself. He told me about AUFG, and
> the rest, as they say, is history.
> Seems like hardly a week would go by in the following 2 years where
> we wouldn't meet at lunch time to exchange software, or talk about
> the latest dealings with various ADAM suppliers or newsletters
> publishers at the time. He was a real friend.
> So Charlotte tells me that the ADAM gear is still stowed in the
> basement. Apparently he wouldn't let her throw it out. Neil, you
> might want to give Charlotte a call- she says she's not quite sure
> what to do with the stuff. Don't know what he has, but I know he had
> all sorts of stuff including one of Syd's tape formatters.
> I don't think Doug would have been known to the wider ADAM community,
> but  James might perhaps remember him. Tony and John certainly would.
> Fortunately I was able to talk to Doug on the phone when I was there
> for Adamcon, although we never did get together as planned. Too bad.
> If anyone wants to get in touch with Charlotte the phone number is
> 613-747-5541. Apparently the obit is written up in the Ottawa Citizen
> (Thursday or today, not sure which).
> Ron Mitchell
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