[Coladam] chat down

Richard F. Drushel, Ph.D. drushel at apk.net
Thu Sep 20 09:16:53 EDT 2007

[Richard F. Drushel] spake unto the ether:

>     I then saw that coleco.cwru.edu was down too, not sure what is up
> with that.  I will have to check the machine when I get to campus this
> morning (since it is sitting in my office).

	Turns out it had been shut down, and now I remember why:  mid-
August, we had one of the generators fail in the on-campus powerplant,
and Plant Services asked everyone to power down to minimum to conserve
electricity.  I shut down everything in my office except my laptop, and
a few days later, when the generator was fixed, I forgot to restart coleco.

	It's back up now...sorry for the inconvenience last night.


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