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HI Troy,

I can answer one of the questions for you and
hopefully some of the others can help you with your
other questions.

When you power up your Adam in Electronic Typewriter
mode. Press the Control key and the R key. A Smartkey
IV will then appear with the revision number. R80 and
above is a good Adam with no bugs.

If you have any number below that, then you may need
to replace the ROM chip. Maybe someone may know who
can help if you have a revision number below R80 to
get this replaced. So, let us know what revision
number you have.

Guy Bona
--- Troy Forsythe <troy.forsythe at gmail.com> wrote:

> Good afternoon everyone,
> First let me introduce myself, I'm new to the ADAM
> list and was referred to
> it by Rich Drushel.  I'm located in Ontario Canada
> and I had an ADAM back in
> the mid 80s, but sadly it got passed on to relatives
> and that was the last
> that I saw of it.  Nostalgia got the better of me,
> and I recently picked up
> an ADAM from an eBay auction and I've been working
> through trying to get it
> up and running with Rich's help.  Since taking it
> apart a number of new
> questions have been raised and I'd appreciate any
> information from anyone
> who might know.
> Here we go...
> 1.  How do I determine the revision number of the
> ROMS on the ADAM board,
> and can someone confirm where the ROM chips are
> located, and which is
> which?  I believe that they are U21, U22, U8 (empty
> on my board) and U20?
> My chips have the following information on them
> U21
> 443 VC 5174
> 2369-4201
> R42269D
> COLECO 1983
> U22
> COLECO 1984
> R41545
> 2475014
> M448978 8442G
> U8 (empty)
> U20
> COLECO 1984
> R41539
> 2475013
> M448985 8440G
> 2.  From what I understand U6 and U24 are 6801s? 
> Are they interchangeable?
> Mine have heat sinks on them so I cannot see
> anything on the top of the
> chips.
> 3.  I have a 40 PIN coleco chip at U7 which I
> believe is the MIOC, is this
> correct?
> U7
> AMI 8341MAE
> CO4923
> 1983 COLECO
> R41271
> 4. If U21, U22, U8 and U20 are for ROMS, is it
> possible to purchase 2764
> EPROM chips from somewhere (eBay perhaps) and then
> somehow take the ROM
> images from the Adam emulator, and dump them to the
> chips to use as
> replacements?
> 5. I read through the technical manual to get an
> understanding of the boot
> process for the ADAM, and in Software section 2.3
> Power Up/Computer reset
> procedure, I was wondering about step three, which
> checks for device
> presence.  I wanted to confirm that during step 3
> and 4 with the check for
> the Datapak drives and media, that there should be
> drive activity?  My
> thought is, if there is supposed to be drive
> activity during the process,
> and I'm not seeing any, then it would stand to
> reason that maybe the EOS ROM
> which is checked in step 2 has a problem although as
> I said I'm not sure how
> to identify which ROM chip this actually is.
> 6.  I recently pulled out U22, and underneath the
> chip, in the socket was a
> very thin brown piece which was the length of a the
> U22 chip, with one pin
> at each of the four corners.  On the top it reads
> Q-28.07.  Does anyone know
> what this is?
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