[Coladam] Request an ADAM Mind Meld

Ron Mitchell bytehacker at shaw.ca
Sun Oct 14 02:40:46 EDT 2007

Managed to get my Micro Innovations Hard drive working again. Required a complete reformat of the ST157A Seagate, but that's another story. I'll probably write it up while it's fresh in mind. Meantime, have some questions for anyone who can answer.

1) My AJM Setup disk for Hard disk 3.9 is at least 3rd or  4th hand, and seems to be missing something. The program "HARDDISK" is there, and sets up the various logical drives in my EOS partition. As I recall however, there were other programs in the AJM package, one would allow you to switch logical drives from SmartBASIC (with the CATALOG command)  and was loaded on bootup as a HELLO file

2) There was a way of altering a file's date stamp with Filemanager which would cause system files to be invisible when doing the catalog of a logical drive in Smart Basic. Can't quite recall what had to go in there.

3) There was at least one other utility that was distributed with the AJM setup disk. Don't have it, and can't recall it's name nor what it did.

4) There were also various "tricks" to be remembered when loading ADAM EOS software onto the hard drive. Various programs needed various methods, and I recall there being a document that described all of this.

5) Does anyone recall the value for the 2nd byte of block 18 of the BASICPGM program that designated which drive the system was to look at for a HELLO file. Currently I've plugged in the value 08H there and that works ok, but each time I access the drive I can hear system trying to access an non-existant tape drive instead. Strikes me there was another value to go there (24H maybe?) . Does anyone know for sure?

Does anyone have an original image of the AJM version 3.9 hard drive software that I could beg, borrow or steal?

Good to have the old beast up and running again. It now sits here in the "Snakepit" with an eMac, 2 iMacs, An AMD Sempron box running Windows Vista, and a 386 running Windows 3.1.  Believe it or not, each has a purpose-  ie...to drive me slowly mad with things I can't remember. Firmly convinced that if it wasn't for the old 386, I'd never have got my MI drive straightened out again. Thank the Good Lord for old technology. Long may it rule.

Oh, yes.... and by the way,  if anyone is looking for an MFM drive for a MIni Wini setup, I have a "Kalok" model KL330 32MB RLL drive c/w cables if anyone is interested. My own Mini Wini is missing too many components to be made serviceable again so this drive is surplus to my requirements. 


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