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Yes, I have had many burning questions pop up...

I recently went through every piece of ADAM software I have because quite 
frankly, some of it I've never even looked at before. I received a lot of 
these disks from the last couple of ADAM systems I bought years ago and just 
put it away.

But now on the subject of Power Paint. I have the companion disks like Bold 
Glory, etc., but I am slightly confused as what to do with them. I thought 
they were all graphics that could be loaded into Power Paint, but it seems 
very few of the files on the disk will actually load.

Are there different kinds of files on these disks other than loadable 
graphics files? Or am I just doing something wrong? I don't get error 
messages or anything, but I pick a file to load and all I get is a blank 
work area. I've cycled through all the cells, but don't see anything on any 
of them.

I can't really find any reference to this in the instructions other than 
instructing you how to load a graphics image. But again...some (very few) 
will load....most won't...

Any hints or suggestions?


Joe Blenkle

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