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Thu Mar 6 21:58:15 CET 2008

Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. I'd love to come to an 
ADAMCon...someday...unfortunately, my travel budget isn't what it used to be 
and it seems like all these things are on the other side of the 
country...or, more accurately, not even in the country...seems like the 
Canadian ADAM users outnumbers those of us left in the U.S.

But, if not physically, I am at the ADAMCon's in spirit...maybe one of these 
days I'll even remember to tune into an ADAM Chat session.

Joe B.

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> Joe, this is a quicky - I fnally got my operation done last week and am 
> well on the way to healing, so can start to do stuff again.
> Anyway, Ron Mitchell found someone in Sioux Lookout who apparently has a 
> connector to let you run a compact flash memory chip up to 64 MB as a hard 
> disc for the Adam. You'll need to get any further info from Ron, though I 
> believe he's bought one and is experimenting with it.
> Also Adamcon20 is a go, June 19-22 in St. Catharines, Ont. just west of 
> Niagara Falls. Pamela says she still has one or two is to dot and ts to 
> cross, but she will be putting out the formal announcement likely this 
> week. Time you showed up at one of these, Joe - and brought a friend. 

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