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Yay! I was wondering what happened to the list...Here's my burning question:I have been trying to install a Powermate IDE controller into my current system, with a 2.5" drive. The drives I've tried (several of them) work on a PC, so I know they are good. I can't partition any of them though as the software hangs. I have never had a drive working with this controller, and one of the drives I did try worked with my last PM IDE controller so I assumed that maybe something was wrong with the controller. I replaced all of the chips sans PAL and still have issues. Turns out the drive type that I knew worked before was crap on the PC as well, so maybe the drive was bad, and all the others don't work (although several are from the same vintage, but different manufacturers).I've also tried a compactflash 32MB card in an adapter...no dice. I could yank out a 3.5" drive and try that out of an old 486 computer I have, but I'm not real keen to do that.Any ideas?< br> 
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