[Coladam] Any ADAMites with Atari ST's?

Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Sun Mar 9 20:27:42 CET 2008

Atari ST's had their own type 3 1/2" drives. The actual Atari ones were 
numbered SF314 (DS/DD 720k) and SF354 (SINGLE SIDED), but drives were 
offered from several companies in various shapes and sizes. The ones I have 
are by Golden Image, but while both are DS/DD, they look completely 
different. One even has a digital track counter on the front.

The actual drive mechanics are just a standard 3 1/2" drive -- I think it 
was a Chinon when I opened one of them up. But I'm not completely sure what 
is wrong with the drive.

I had two of them. One had sat for a long time and when I turned it on it 
wouldn't power up. I don't know if it's something in the drive itself or the 
power supply.

The other I had just got off eBay. The guy said it worked when he shipped 
it, but when I got it, it would not boot disks - it gave a "three bomb" 
error (for some reason Atari decided to give error messages on the ST by 
displaying bombs on the screen), and it also has now died completely. Again, 
I'm not sure if it is the drive itself or the power supply.

One drive I opened up, unplugged the drive unit from the power plug and disk 
controller and plugged in a spare 3 1/2" drive I had. It wouldn't power up 
either, so I suspect it's either the power supply or the switch assembly you 
turn the drive on and off with.

Unfortunately the power supplies on both drives are different and I have no 
other power supplies in my collection that match them either in how they 
plug in or voltage.

My father-in-law has one of those gizmos that can test to see if power is 
flowing through various parts of a device or out of the power supply, so 
perhaps I will haul them over to him and see if he can determine anything.

Or, more likely at this point, I will just put the ST back in the closet so 
I have more room for my ADAM and Atari 130XE. The drives pop up on eBay 
every so often, so maybe I'll get lucky one of these days.


Joe B.

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> What kind of drive does an Atari ST use? We hve a real active recycle 
> community here that might well turn them up, but I have to know what to 
> look for.
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>> Anyone out there in ADAM land also have an Atari ST? Both my ST drives 
>> died recently and I'm looking for someone that might have a spare or two 
>> they would want to sell.
>> thanks
>> Joe Blenkle
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