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Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
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I found a 6 pin splitter mail order at:


I have another question too...how tough would it be to build a "splitter" 
for ADAM's side expansion port? Someone actually made these at one time 
because I had one, but I got rid of it way back when I sold my original ADAM 
around 1986 or so. I believe the one I had split it into three.

Joe B.

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> So it uses 6 pin straight through RJ45 connectors I guess.  The same kind 
> as is common for phones -- at least around here.  You should do okay with 
> a splitter, I think, since it is a single signal wire for receive and 
> transmit, with every device taking turns.  The biggest problem is that 6 
> pin splitters are quite uncommon, mostly you'll find 4 pin ones.  An 
> alternative trick is to hook the keyboard into the back of the disk drive, 
> leaving the front connector of the Adam open for your test expansion 
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> [Coladam] Coladam Digest, Vol 35, Issue 6> > The question I have is, why 
> would you want to use a 6 pin phone splitter since the Adam Disk drives 
> already have a built in 6 pin splitter that allows one to plug in another 
> Adam Net device like a disk drive?> > More convenient access than having 
> to plug the cable into the disk drives -- which in my case are not easy to 
> get to on my computer desk because of other things around them. Same with 
> the ADAM console which is in fairly tight quarters on my desk. I'm 
> anticipating testing Steven Tucker's USB to ADAMNet device he's working 
> on.> > Joe B.
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