[Coladam] pc midi to adam

Ron Mitchell bytehacker at shaw.ca
Tue Mar 18 00:27:37 CET 2008

Yes Joe, it's possible. But you're going to tear your hair out.  You're 
going to need an PC with a 5-1/4 inch disk drive or an Adam with a 3-/2 inch 
disk drive.

I  use the utility that is part of the Adamem distribution (Marcel deKogel's 

Copy the midi files into a file directory on the PC

Write them to an Adam disk image using wrdisk

then Dcopy the .img file onto a floppy drive.

It should then be readable on the adam.

That's is a very broad brush description, and skips over a lot of details. 
Depending on how comfortable you are with command line interfaces - you 
might want to try Guy Bona's Adamem Utilities.

However - once you've got the midi files onto the ADAM, you're not done yet.

Many midi files being distributed on the net are written for specific types 
of midi sequencers, or use way too many channels. Chris Braymen's Sequel 
program will handle up to 16, but you might need to do some readjusting for 
anything beyond that. Also under the General Midi standard, channels 10 thru 
14 are usually reserved for drums, but not always. So you're going to have 
to tell Sequel where the drum track is, and that will depend on what type of 
midi sequencer/device/keyboard you're outputting to.

I've found that very few midi files I download play properly on the ADAM, 
and sometimes it's just too much darned work to re-adjust them all. But then 
on the other hand, you'll run across the odd one that plays fine just as it 
was written. Chris Braymen distributed several CP/M utilities to combine 
midi tracks in an imported file so as to set up for Sequel. I may even have 
them around here somewhere.

Anyway, if you need any more detail on the transfer process, let me know. 
Tell me what your PC setup is (do you have on with a 5-1/4 inch drive)  and 
what your Adam setup is. (5-1/4 or 3-1/2).

Ron Mitchell

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> Is there any easy way of transfering midi files from my PC to ADAM?
> thanks
> Joe B.
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