[Coladam] Sweet!

Ron Mitchell bytehacker at shaw.ca
Fri Mar 28 20:34:37 CET 2008

If you'd be so kind Geoff, I 'd like a copy. . I have both Intel and PPC. 
Would love to try it.

Ron Mitchell

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> It is a fat binary, so it should work on both PPC and Intel. The only 
> thing I'm not sure about is the endianness of the PPC macs (this is 
> configurable on PPC), and that is a compile time option in adamem.
> I was able to load a couple of different disk images with the emulator 
> from the terminal (ADAM Bomb, and Zaxxon supergame).
> Ideally it would probably make sense to just replace SDL with the OS X 
> native stuff, since it's got a lot more features in it. I may do that just 
> as a learning tool.
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> That is good news.  I don't currently have a mac, but I was wondering if 
> you made a universal binary or just an Intel one.  Some day, I'll do the 
> sound support.  I've been learning lots more about SDL sound with the Sega 
> Genesis emulator I've been working on.
> Dale
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>> Well, I finally talked my wife into letting me get a Macbook. :)
>> Just a few minutes ago, I successfully got my ADAMEm/SDL port working
>> under OS X natively! It took a little phenagling with Xcode, but it 
>> works.
>> Certainly not perfect. I cannot specify a cart rom right now, and the
>> keyboard mapping sucks... due to the lack of the home/end/pgup/pgdn
>> keys, and the function keys overlap with Finder's and the Macbook's
>> hotkeys. But, at least I got to see the familiar Smartwriter screen and
>> type some stuff in. :)
>> If anyone would like to try, I can send you a binary.
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