[Coladam] Sweet!

Neil Wick neil at wick.net
Fri Mar 28 21:12:20 CET 2008

That's cool!  Seeing the familiar SmartWriter screen is half the battle.  I'd like a copy so I could try it out. At home I only have OS7 (I seem to have a thing for old computers), but I'd like to see it on the newer Macs at school.


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Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 00:25:07 
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Subject: [Coladam] Sweet!

Well, I finally talked my wife into letting me get a Macbook. :)

Just a few minutes ago, I successfully got my ADAMEm/SDL port working 
under OS X natively! It took a little phenagling with Xcode, but it works.

Certainly not perfect. I cannot specify a cart rom right now, and the 
keyboard mapping sucks... due to the lack of the home/end/pgup/pgdn 
keys, and the function keys overlap with Finder's and the Macbook's 
hotkeys. But, at least I got to see the familiar Smartwriter screen and 
type some stuff in. :)

If anyone would like to try, I can send you a binary.

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