[Coladam] 14h ?

Robert Miller Robert.E.Miller at verizon.net
Fri Mar 28 22:41:42 CET 2008

Did I get that right?  this year is AC20???  Whoa!
Well its been years since I did anything but lurk so I thought I'd just pop
my head up & see if anyone bats it back down where it belongs hehehe.
I think about my attic full of adam & colecovision "stuff" all the time &
the fun I had conferencing back in the compuserve days.  
{73520,3564}.  (wow, I have no idea where that bit of information was stored
all these years but back it came! :o)
Lets see... my most famous contribution to the community...
Well I did design the AdamCON 11 logo.  Then something happend to my email
address about that time & I didn't find out until AFTER it was over LOL.
Favorite memory...
I went to AC4 largely just to buy the MIDI interface but was extremely
dissapointed to find that there were none available for sale!
...then I won one as a door prize!
I remember reading about the forcast death of ADAM due to some of the chips
simply getting too old and losing their code.
that was like ???10-15 years ago.  So I was wondering if that prediction was
premature or am I likely to have a bunch of non-working ADAMs in my attic?
(Yes, I realize that there is only 1 sure way to find out ;o)
Hope all is well with everyone!
Robert Miller 
(still stuck in NJ)

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