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Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Sat Mar 29 22:39:01 CET 2008

Hey all...I can't remember if I posted this here before, but I am looking for a true type font I have used quite heavily in some of my files. It suddenly disappeared from my hard disk and I have no idea where it originally came from. I've searched all my CDs and can't find any trace of it, although I believe it is produced by Adobe. 

I've searched the Internet for it, but the only place it comes up is on sites where it is for sale for $29. I hate to spend money on it when I'm sure it came on a CD I have bought already. Short of re-installing every piece of software I have to find it, I don't know what to do.

If anyone out there has a font called "Antique Olive Compact," I would appreciate it if you could email it to me. The "Compact" part is the important part. I have just plain old "Antique Olive," but it is nowhere near as bold (even bold-faced) and the letters aren't quite as fat. Using "Antique Olive" screws up the spacing in the documents I had already produced with the Compact font.


Joe Blenkle

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