[Coladam] Question for the experts

David yyzonian at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 1 20:01:35 CEST 2008

I recently acquired a Hanimex Pencil II computer. This obscure computer takes game cartridges the exact size and shape of the Coleco carts. Indeed there exists an adaptor that when you plug it in to an expansion port, the machine plays Colecovision carts. I dont mean like the Atari adaptor plays Atari games. You still insert the Coleco cart in the computer where the Hanimex carts go, the adaptor just has the circuitry to enable the computer to play the game. (By the way if anyone has or can point me towards this CV adaptor, sing out! or the one for the Spectravideo SV-3x8 computers, I want that too). The joysticks prove to be 100% compatible for any of the games I played so far.
Anyway, this particular Hanimex computer came from France, and it has a Sony-type monitor connnector and another connector called a Peritel. Research has revealed to me that this Peritel is same or similar to a SCART connector. Common in Europe maybe but I had never hear of it before. If I use the monitor connection to either my TV composite input or to a composite monitor, I get a great picture but only in black and white (I can adjust vertical hold for the resulting scrolling on the monitor - no scrolling is evident on the TV). Of course no sound.
So my long-winded question is - can anyone advise me on options to get colour and sound? More plugging in and less soldering is preferred (!)
I did research on the Net but did not come up with much except perhaps there exists a SCART-to-composite adaptor which might give me sound (maybe no colour on my NTSC TV), or am I likely to need a PAL TV with a SCART connection to get full colour and sound like this unit was intended to use in the first place?
By the way, I watch these messages often and I did see references to the EVE multi-functional board (3 devices off the side expansion port), references to a Micro Innovations 3.5" drive, references to Colecovision games, ADAM software. I am due to move soon so would consider offers for any of the above and/or other items I have hoarded over the years to save me moving this stuff to my new place. Email me directly at
yyzonian AT hotmail.com
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