[Coladam] printer ribbon replacement

Dave Sands dave.audrie.sands at shaw.ca
Fri Apr 4 16:48:11 CEST 2008

At 10:36 PM 4/3/2008, Joe Blenkle wrote:
>Can anyone out there explain the procedure for replacing the printer 
>ribbons within the casing of a used up ADAM printer ribbon? I know 
>it can be done, but have never done it before and I do already have 
>a supply of the replacement ribbons that will fit.
>Joe B.

Joe, et al,
         way back in the early days of the ADAM News Network there 
were a lot of instructional pieces like that. if there's an archive 
anywhere you'd be getting information fresh, not twenty years old! :=}

Dave and Audrie Sands
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