[Coladam] Coladam Digest, Vol 38, Issue 1

Troy Forsythe troy.forsythe at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 18:51:48 CEST 2008

A question about the SmartWriter ROM.  After spending some time with the
schematics for the ADAM I'm a little confused by something that I'm hoping
someone can help me out with.  All indications are that the SmartWriter ROM
code is about 32KB in size (garnered from the ADAM technical manual and Adam
Emulator ROM dumps).  The schematics show four EPROM sockets which are to
hold 2764 ROMS (U20, U21, U22 and U8) but since 2764's each only hold 8KB of
code, one chip is not enough to house SmartWriter.  So my question is, what
am I overlooking?  Can someone tell me where specifically the SmartWriter
code is stored?  I am continuing to work on a system which is partially
dead, and without a working system to reference I'm having great difficulty.

Your comments are appreciated!  Also if I'm making some rookie mistake in my
logic please don't be afraid to tell me.... What I'm seeing isn't making
sense but I just don't see what I've overlooking.


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