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Troy Forsythe troy.forsythe at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 16:12:11 CEST 2008

I appreciate all of the great information, your response had raised another
question for me.  You indicate that in total, SmartWriter only occupies 16K
+ 8K of code space, however the SmartWriter ROM dump for the emulator AdamEm
is 32K.  Also, I compared the dump from the emulator to two of my ROM chips
and found (I thought) that one of the ROMs matched byte for byte with 0000H
- 3FFFH of the emulator ROM dump, and the second chip matched byte for byte
with 4000H - 7FFFH of the emulator dump.

Any thoughts on this 24K vs 32K discrepancy?

The code from the SmartWriter ROMs on my board seem to indicate R80 and I
wouldn't say that there is a great deal of jumper wires on the board, at
least not compared to the other board that I have which had only empty
sockets for ROMs.


On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 9:51 AM, Rich Drushel <drushel at apk.net> wrote:

> On Tue, June 17, 2008 7:10 am, Troy Forsythe wrote:
> > If anyone knows the socket locations for these chips, or could take a
> system
> > apart and tell me which chips are in sockets U20, U21, U22 and U8 I would
> > greatly appreciate it.
>     Hi Troy, I did get your other E-mail.
>    I don't have a system in pieces right now to verify what I think
> I remember, so sadly, there are disclaimers for what follows.
>    While there are 4 ROM sockets, there are different ways to populate
> them and address them.  It depends on the manufacturing revision of the
> circuit board, plus how much it may be been reworked with jumper wires
> and other spaghetti.  The software revision of the SmartWriter ROM is
> only an imperfect indicator of the equivalent hardware state of the the
> system.
>    If your SmartWriter is R57 or R59, it likely has all 4 ROM sockets
> populated with 8K chips(3 for SmartWriter, 1 for EOS).  These have the
> earliest circuit board revision and have lots of reworking -- these were
> the original DOA ADAMs that were sent back for warranty repair after
> Christmas 1983.  However, it is possible to jumper even the earliest
> hardware to support other ROM size configurations.
>    The French or German SmartWriter cards (that plugged into the
> center expansion slot of European ADAMs, but which will not work on
> North American ADAMs because needed signals are not run out to the
> connector) were also 4 x 8K.  I have one each of these cards, and neither
> one works in an R80 ADAM.  (They must not work for some reason in my
> R59 ADAM, but I cannot remember why -- it may cause the system to crash
> or something, the way that anything I attach to its sideport causes it
> to crash.)  In the available schematics, you can see that the three
> address select signals to the center slot are blank.  (To actually see
> or run the code, I had to desolder the ROMs and put them into the regular
> sockets on a working 4-ROM system).
>    The "stable" system has R80 SmartWriter and 3 ROMs:  16K + 8K for
> SmartWriter, and 8K for EOS, with one open socket.  There are SmartWriter
> versions between R59 and R80 out there (I have seen an R77) but I don't
> know how their ROM sockets are jumpered.
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