[Coladam] SmartWriter ROMs

Troy Forsythe troy.forsythe at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 13:06:16 CEST 2008

Thanks for all of the information, I appreciate you looking this stuff up
for me.  I think you're right about the 3 ROM setup, of Smartwriter 16K +
16K and EOS 8K and this does match my system.  Now I just need to figure out
if the ROMs were socketed properly when I got the system or not since I only
get a black screen upon computer reset.  I know that Adamcon is this
weekend, so if anyone has a few minutes and could open an Adam to tell me
which ROM sockets contain which chips it would go a long way to helping me
out.  I know there are only 24 permutations for the chip placement but I'd
prefer not to pull the chips that many times to lessen the risk of bent

I've already established that the power supply is providing the correct
power to the system, and the ColecoVision board works when the Game reset
switch is toggled, or at least the Coleco Vision insert cartridge screen
appears.  I've confirmed that all connections in the ribbon cable connecting
the game board to the memoery i/o board are good and there are no breaks,
and now I've confirmed that all three of the ROM chips on the Memory I/O
board are good.  If I can get some information to ensure that they are in
the right sockets then I can troubleshoot further.  Are you aware of any
test points on the memory I/O board that I could use to narrow down where
the issue may be?  Unfortunately all of the logic chips are soldered,
otherwise I could pop them off and run them through some testing.


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