[Coladam] Coladam Digest, Vol 38, Issue 3

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That's too bad that whoever has the Rev. R84 won't release it. I certainly 
can't imagine any benefit from hanging onto it for themselves at this point 
in time. It would be interesting to see exactly what features it does have.

I wonder what else is still out there that we don't know about!

Joe B.

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            Troy is very knowledgeable about the Smartwriter rom’s. I 
remember the first Adam Expansion module #3 that I purchased back in 1983 
before Christmas season. I ended up returning a few to the store since the 
Smartwriter was dead on arrival. Coleco rushed these machines to market 
before the Christmas season.
            Regarding the R80 Smartwriter rom. This is the latest official 
released version of Smartwriter. R80 still has some bugs but it was the best 
released version. Coleco did make a unreleased R83 and R84 Smartwriter. They 
were going to release R84 in 1985 but by then the ADAM was canceled. Some of 
the things R84 does is add features and improves bugs. One of the features 
it added was support to see a second ADAM disk drive. The R80 can only sees 
one ADAM disk drive. Also the line spacing error and other bugs were fixed 
in R84. The person I know that has the R84 Smartwriter will not release it. 
That is a shame since it would have been nice for the ADAM community to see 
the latest version of the Smartwriter that Coleco developed. Over the years 
I have made several attempts to get a copy of these R84 Smartwriter ROM's 
but have been unsuccessfully. I have been told that some of the features 
found in the Smartwrite Elite cartridge is similar to R84 Smartwriter.
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