[Coladam] Rich Drushel safely in Pittsburgh

Rich Drushel rfd at cwru.edu
Mon Jun 23 04:12:16 CEST 2008

	Hi all, I got to Pittsburgh okay.  For those not at ADAMcon 20,
I had to leave at 3 PM today (missing the banquet) to get to Pittsburgh:
I have to present a paper at the ASEE Annual Meeting on Monday afternoon.
This is a 15-minute version of my 1.5-hour talk at ADAMcon on Saturday
morning :-)


Richard F. Drushel, Ph.D.            | "They fell:  for Heaven to them no hope
Instructor and Executive Officer     |  imparts / Who hear not for the beating
Department of Biology, CWRU          |  of their hearts."
Cleveland, Ohio  44106-7080  U.S.A.  |         -- Edgar Allan Poe, "Al-Aaraaf"

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