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Interesting... I had thought about the possibility of working on an FPGA design for the Coleco ADAM, working to replace certain components of the system piecemeal (starting with the MIOC) just as a side project. I have access to an FPGA developer board from a guy at my work. I kinda put that idea on hold when I got the MacBook and started playing around with the Emulator again. ;)

I have a couple projects still in the works on the emulator port... the first is sound. I have the three square waves working properly now, still no noise though. I need to go back through and clean up the sound driver a bit as it's a bit of a mess (as with the SDL video driver, I started with one of the other drivers as an example rather than starting from scratch). The audio driver also works with SDL.

The second thing I've been working on is adding in hard disk emulation. I added in support for the Slot 2 expansion ROM in the hopes of emulating the Powermate IDE controller. The emulator now will run the expansion ROM.

Sound is the more pressing concern right now though. Hopefully I can finish that up... in my spare time. ;)

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> Hello,
> I tried to contact Telegames this summer and I've got an almost immediate answer. They clarify me the situation about who own the rights on the games and what they still have for sale. They are not making new, they don't have a mold for that, they don't have extra consoles or cartridges, they only sell what they 
> got since the coleco industries bankruptcy.
> At my questions, Telegames always answered quite fast and seems to know who I am. Well, I asked if the fans like me can release a coleco tvgame with buildin games like coleco donkeykong and a cartridge slot to play even more colecovision 
> games with it. This is their answer :
> "It is a good idea - however we would not be able to develop it or fund it. If 
> any one released any hardware we would offer to sell it and support it. 
> Regards"
> I don't have the knowledge and money to make coleco in a chip and things like that, specially when it comes to making prototypes and mass production. But, if 
> the coleco fans can do it, Telegames will help rather than sanctioning us.
> Telegames in UK will stop their 8bit activities in the next months, but they 
> don't tell me when exactly. But now I see them with a different eye.
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