[Coladam] Dying for an update

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Fri Dec 5 03:43:53 CET 2008

I too have been kinda layed back, I do read the messages, and this one
really caught my eye.  Congrats to You Ron, and wishing you all the best.
For those who knew, or remember, I guess we can no longer call you the ROUND
ONE any more.... :)

Good Friends are FOREVER... And Thats a Long, LONG, Time. So, PLEASE Stay
Intouch... H Mason Jr

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> Hey Pam!
> Sorry I haven't been on the chat lately. Miss you guys as well. Seems like
every time Wednesday night rolls around, we're either out somewhere or
there's something else going on to mess things up.
> To update y'all, the wedding is Nov 8. My divorce becomes effective Oct
27, so we cut that pretty close. But it's all working out ok. The move was
hectic, but thanks to some friends of Susan's and Budget rent a truck we
managed to get it all done. Brought way too much stuff (again), and now have
about 10 unopened boxes out in the workshop. If I haven't opened them in 6
months, out they go!.  I'm such a packrat. Anyway, have managed to get
myself sorted out here and things are going really well. Many adjustments
involved in going from single to married, and some of them have been a
challenge to say the least. When you've living on your own for 18 years, you
kinda get set in your ways. Some of that will certainly have to change.
> On the plus side, I'm down 5 more lbs since moving in with Susan, and my
blood sugar is well within normal range. My Doctor is overjoyed, and say to
me, "whatever she's doing to you, tell her to keep on doing it!" <evil grin>
There are considerable benefits to marrying a registered nurse.
> Ok gang, I'll leave it at that. I'll be back on the chat as soon as I'm
able, and I really do apologize for the long absence. Just seems like there
are other priorities right now.
> Cheers
> Ron
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> From: Russell & Pamela Vilneff <tempest at tamcotec.com>
> Date: Wednesday, October 8, 2008 8:05 pm
> Subject: Dying for an update
> To: 'Ron Mitchell' <bytehacker at shaw.ca>
> > Hey, groom to be, we haven't had an update since your message on
> > September13th - is everything going smoothly?  Is the
> > wedding on track?  How's the
> > packing going?  Everyone noted we were missing you tonite
> > on chat and I
> > promised I'd send a message.  So, please send us an update,
> > let us know how
> > it's going, and where to send the wedding cards!  (Oh, and
> > the name of your
> > bride!)
> >
> >
> >
> > Hugs,
> >
> >
> >
> > Pam
> >
> >
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