[Coladam] ADAM Data Packs

Troy Forsythe troy.forsythe at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 18:30:12 CET 2008

Thanks to Richard Clee I now have a working ADAM that I can use, and
I've been starting to play around with it but I have a few questions
regarding Data Packs:

Given that data packs are difficult to find these days, what can I do
to use normal audio tapes in the drive to experimentation?  I have to
figure it's possible because one of the systems I bought seemed to
come with a backup copy of some software and it appears to be on a
normal cassette tape that had a couple of holes drilled in it to fit
into the ADAM drive.  From what I understand data packs cannot be
formatted by the user, and so I could see not being able to create one
of these, however is there some way that I could copy a blank data
pack onto an audio tape?  I would think this would write the format of
the tape as well, wouldn't it?

Also, is there any way to connect the ADAM to a modern computer
(through a serial interface perhaps)?  I do recall seeing something
about ADAMServ but I haven't been able to find enough documents to
fully understand what it is, or what I would need in order to use it.

Some time ago I had posted questions about how to identify which ROMs
were located in which sockets on the ADAM as this was required
information for some troubleshooting that I was doing.  After getting
a working ADAM from Richard, I have established the following, which
may be useful to someone who finds an unpopulated logic board and
isn't sure where the ROMS need to be placed:

U20 - Holds the first part of the SmartWriter code, it is usually a
16K chip and is stamped with R41539
U21 - Holds the EOS code, it is an 8K chip and is stamped with R42269
U22 - Holds the second part of the SmartWriter code, 16K and stamped with R41545

Of course there could be other configurations (for example I have an
Expansion Module #3, which contains three ROM chips but they are all
8K), but for most people this information should help.

Some additional notes,
U7 - MIOC chip, R41271
U6 - Master 6801 - R41535

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