[Coladam] question about sep08ann - unreleased games

Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Mon Dec 29 16:50:11 CET 2008

I saw that sep08ann.dsk is filled with games description, do this is an official electronic catalog or it's fan made in some points?

I'm asking you this because there is some coleco titles I would like to discuss.

First of all, is it right to say that ( d ) is for disk format and ( c ) is for cartridge format? or ( c ) is for cassette which means tapes? I'm asking you this because I think ( c ) is for cartridges and this make a lot of sense based on the numberous titles I know that exist in cartridge format  for the colecovision and also mentioned in this sep08ann disk.

Second, if these ( c ) marked games are games that exist in cartridge format then I want to know where did you get this information and if I can use this information to complete my "unreleased coleco stuff" without worrying about the serious of the source.

Third, Tunnels and Trolls was mentionned first as a game for the ColecoVision but it's marked ( d ) inside this disk, so my guess is that the game is so huge to fit inside a cartridge and they decided with time to make it for the computer... but does it really exist in disk format? and is there an image disk somewhere I can use to make footage of it?

Thanks for taking time to read me message,

Take care,



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