[Coladam] again, question for you about unreleased games

Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Mon Dec 29 17:14:36 CET 2008

in sacnews web pages, we can read about some games, including those mentioned in the sep08ann disk image :


I would like to know if you have any idea about these games, maybe you know someone who got this or this game as a floppy disk instead of cartridge.

Well, the mysterious quest of unreleased coleco game is in progress, but without solid information and confirmation about these new clues, the treasure of this quest is in peril... sort of... anyway, I hope someone can take time to read the web page and check sep08ann.dsk I'm referring to tell me what he knows about the origine of these sources of informations and what are for the computer only and what was developed for the console too.

For example, I have a floppy disk with the game A.E. inside, however the ColecoVision FAQ mention a cartridge version prototype and the sep08ann disk classify this game as ( c ) which is supposed to be cartridge format. Any clue?



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