[Coladam] Finally fixed my ADAM

Troy Forsythe troy.forsythe at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 03:25:09 CET 2008

Almost two years ago I began using some of my spare time to learn more
about the ADAM and I picked up a console from eBay when the unit
arrived it didn't work, and I spent my spare time trying to fix the
system ever since.  Finally I cracked the problem, so I thought that I
would take a few minutes to share with others the symptoms and the my
particular fix in case it benefits someone in the future.

When I received my system, the computer reset button would cause the
machine to go through a reset procedure but the word processor would
never appear.  If I pulled the game reset switch the Colecovision
screen would appear.  It turns out that the issue was two-fold, first
the U6 Master 6801 was bad, however replacing it didn't fully fix the
system.  I discovered from following the schematics that U6 pin 6
should normally be high, and during a computer reset it should go low
momentarily completing the reset of the system, however a logic probe
showed that there was no signal on the pin at all.  Turns out that
there was no continuity between the socket for U6 and pin 6 of the
Master 6801.  Following the schematics I placed a jumper wire between
WJ4 and Pin 6, and now the system works perfectly.


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