[Coladam] ADAM cable

Rich Drushel drushel at apk.net
Fri Jan 23 23:20:50 CET 2009

On Thu, January 22, 2009 5:35 pm, Joe Blenkle wrote:

> Anyone got a clue where I might obtain one of those cables that was produced
> (I think by Eve Electronics) that allowed you to plug in three devices to the
> side port at the same time?

    I think that HLM-GMK could make you one.  The expensive part was the
crimp-style card edge connectors for 50 pin (2 x 30).  I think that Chris
Braymen (who made the MIDI adapter, also a sideport device) sold some
port splitter cables at one time.

> Or how difficult would it be too build one?

    It is pretty easy if you have the crimping tool.  The tool used to be
a Radio Shack item, but Radio Shack doesn't stock much stuff anymore.  You
just have to be careful plugging and unplugging; there are only so many
insertion cycles before the crimp connections get dodgy.

    I used to get the connectors from DigiKey, though they were expensive:
maybe $6 apiece a decade ago.  Sometimes surplus places had them for less.
60-pin was not so common; it was the 62-pin version for the IBM-PC XT bus
that was everywhere.  I think in an emergency once I might have used a
62-pin connector and done something to key/block off the last part of the
slot so I wouldn't get the card plugged in the wrong wey.

    Cable length is important; if it's more than about 12 inches long,
it acts as an antenna, and/or the signals get attenuated and stuff stops
working reliably.  My all-in-one HD system with 2 internal orphanware
serial boards (routed to DB-9 connectors out the back) has a 2-connector
cable that also runs the last connector back out the side port, so you can
plug in some other card

    I remeber seeing George Harpster's system (in a castoff box from some
piece of DEC equipment) that had maybe 5 or 6 extra slots on it.  He
just ran the cable out and did something to anchor the connectors down
well to the baseboard.  Maybe they even had mounting lugs (though that
would be very unusual for crimp-style connectors).


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