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Any storage archive of ADAM information is a good thing. That's why I posted all of the Expandable Computer News' on my web site at www.sacnews.net/adamcomputer. If I could find more newslatters I would put them up there too.

Joe B.

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> Is there any interest in starting a Coleco Adam Wiki to store these juicy 
> bits of information?
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>> On Thu, January 22, 2009 5:35 pm, Joe Blenkle wrote:
>>> Anyone got a clue where I might obtain one of those cables that was 
>>> produced
>>> (I think by Eve Electronics) that allowed you to plug in three devices to 
>>> the
>>> side port at the same time?
>>    I think that HLM-GMK could make you one.  The expensive part was the
>> crimp-style card edge connectors for 50 pin (2 x 30).  I think that Chris
>> Braymen (who made the MIDI adapter, also a sideport device) sold some
>> port splitter cables at one time.
>>> Or how difficult would it be too build one?
>>    It is pretty easy if you have the crimping tool.  The tool used to be
>> a Radio Shack item, but Radio Shack doesn't stock much stuff anymore.  You
>> just have to be careful plugging and unplugging; there are only so many
>> insertion cycles before the crimp connections get dodgy.
>>    I used to get the connectors from DigiKey, though they were expensive:
>> maybe $6 apiece a decade ago.  Sometimes surplus places had them for less.
>> 60-pin was not so common; it was the 62-pin version for the IBM-PC XT bus
>> that was everywhere.  I think in an emergency once I might have used a
>> 62-pin connector and done something to key/block off the last part of the
>> slot so I wouldn't get the card plugged in the wrong wey.
>>    Cable length is important; if it's more than about 12 inches long,
>> it acts as an antenna, and/or the signals get attenuated and stuff stops
>> working reliably.  My all-in-one HD system with 2 internal orphanware
>> serial boards (routed to DB-9 connectors out the back) has a 2-connector
>> cable that also runs the last connector back out the side port, so you can
>> plug in some other card
>>    I remeber seeing George Harpster's system (in a castoff box from some
>> piece of DEC equipment) that had maybe 5 or 6 extra slots on it.  He
>> just ran the cable out and did something to anchor the connectors down
>> well to the baseboard.  Maybe they even had mounting lugs (though that
>> would be very unusual for crimp-style connectors).
>>    *Rich*
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