[Coladam] CV Prototype - Unreleased Game

Geoff Oltmans oltmansg at bellsouth.net
Sat Jan 24 16:17:24 CET 2009

If you've got a copy of the CP/M program gamesave, you can dump a copy  
of it onto disk/ddp.

I'd like to see that stuff.. sounds pretty cool! :)

On Jan 11, 2009, at 3:11 AM, David wrote:

> Made a contact with a guy who wanted his prized Coleco items in the  
> hands of an aficionado rather than a dealer so I made a purchase.
> Among some other amazing items was a fully playable prototype CV  
> game. Googling the title and checking all sources I could find on  
> unrelased CV games, I have not seen any reference to this one. Its  
> called Fireman, published by an outfit called Nice Ideas. Found some  
> info on Nice Ideas, apparently it was a branch of Mattel in France  
> that produced a few games for both the Intellivision and Coleco. Two  
> specific CV games they worked on apparently were Illusions and  
> Burger Time. A lot of their stuff never made it to market from what  
> I read.
> Anyway, the point of my message is to ask if anyone in the Toronto  
> area has expertise in dumping eproms. I want to ensure I get someone  
> with some experience as I dont want to risk damage (I mean I could  
> go out and buy my own eprom reader and fumble thru the process but  
> that sounds like a recipe for disaster) nor do I want to deal with  
> an unknown person who may proceed to make their own copy and then  
> distribute it without my permission.
> There were 2 other prototypes in the lot of 3, one is Frenzy but it  
> looks like the final version to me, and a 3rd is Popeye, but I cant  
> get it to play at all.
> Lastly I see lots of screen shots of video games on the Net. I  
> suppose with the ROM file you could play it on an emulator then use  
> some PC software to capture the screen but have never done that,  
> what is the best method here of getting some good screen shots?
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