[Coladam] New ADAM Front End for ADAMem

Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Tue Jan 27 23:40:42 CET 2009

I originally sent this with a picture attached, but it apparently didn't go through, so here is the text only part of the message.

Hey everyone....

Steve Pitman, the author of such ADAM games as ADAM Bomb I & II and Ghost Zapper, has been working on a new front end for the ADAMem emulator.

I've had a chance to work with it a little bit now and it's pretty amazing (albeit still a little buggy). He's still in the process of working out the kinks and adding more features to it. It works under Windows XP (with .net framework 2.0 installed) and he says it should work with Vista, although it hasn't been tested.

Some interesting features:

* It utilizes DOS-BOX and eliminates the bad sound problem trying to run ADAMem in Windows XP.
* It hasn't been tested in Windows Vista, but he believes it will work there, as well.
* Allows you to edit disk and tapes with a built in decimal editor.
* Allows you to add notes and screenshots to each .rom, .dsk, or .cas image.
* Opens in a window or full screen (you currently need a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 - Steve said he'll work on 800 x 600 support if there is a demand).
* Supports up to 4 disk drives and 4 data drives, as well as expanded memory.
* A totally cool animated graphic interface. 

Steve hopes to have this finished soon.

Joe B.

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