[Coladam] Fwd: OT: Colecovision Super Cart Article (fwd)

Geoff Oltmans oltmansg at bellsouth.net
Mon Feb 16 01:30:48 CET 2009

A friend of mine forwarded this scanned magazine article about the  
never released Super Game Module (or rather, the unreleased  
predecessor to the ADAM computer). It has a number of shots of the  
packaging, and the wafer tapes that would have comprised the system.

> http://www.arcade-classics.com/coleco/coleco_supercarts1.jpg
> http://www.arcade-classics.com/coleco/coleco_supercarts2.jpg
> http://www.arcade-classics.com/coleco/coleco_supercarts3.jpg
> http://www.arcade-classics.com/coleco/coleco_supercarts4.jpg
> http://www.arcade-classics.com/coleco/coleco_supercarts5.jpg
> http://www.arcade-classics.com/coleco/coleco_supercarts6.jpg

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