[Coladam] pr boot

Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Mon Feb 16 08:17:54 CET 2009

Anyone out there have any experience with PR Boot? I purchased it on disk and have yet to get it to run right. In fact, it seemed to get progressively worse each time I booted the disk and I suspect the disk and/or the program was corrupted due to age. Eventually, each time I ran either the TRANSFER program or PR Boot itself, it would do all kinds of weird things from re-booting my computer to displaying garbage all over the screen.

I received another copy which I was told was part of a collection that was purchased with an ADAM system, but experienced similar problems with the program on that disk, as well. Only this time it looked as though someone had copied the program back onto the disk from either a DDP or higher capacity disk. All six programs you are supposed to be able to use with the program were listed in the directory (an impossibility since they exceed the size of a 160k disk), but only four of them actually booted off the disk.

I copied the "0" boot block onto a new disk and then copied the two programs (TRANSFER and PRBOOT) onto a new disk. Both PRBOOT and TRANSFER would boot off the disk (TRANSFER is actually BRUN'ned from BASIC), but again, any attempts to transfer any of the six programs onto the new disk met in failure.

And yes, I do have the instruction manual -- which is vague, at best, about certain aspects of what you are supposed to do.

Anyone got any ideas or comments?


Joe Blenkle

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