[Coladam] Solved ! Re: turning to your wisdom again...

Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Mon Feb 23 22:22:27 CET 2009

Thanks to everyone who answered my plea for help on my PC disk drives.

I received several suggestions that (in this order) the problem(s) were:

1. Floppy drive going bad
2. Floppy cable going bad
3. Bad disk controller

Well, luckily it appears it was the first choice. I swapped my 3.5" drive 
with another one I had and now the problem appears to have cleared up on 
both my 3.5" drive and my 5.25" drive. They both read disks and format 
correctly, although for some reason in Windows XP when you tell it to format 
drive B: it won't recognize what kind of drive the 5.25" one is and won't 
format it...but dropping into the DOS shell and typing in FORMAT B: it 
formats just fine.

Of course you know as soon as I put the drives back in my computer and put 
the cover back on it will malfunction again!


Joe Blenkle 

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