[Coladam] help again!

Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Tue Feb 24 02:29:58 CET 2009

OK, I'm answering myself...what I guessed was right, you do need a 2-drive 
5.25" PC system to make this work. After much searcing I dug another 360K 
drive out of a box, unplugged my 3.5" drive and plugged in the second 5.25" 

Now I'm transfering midi files from my PC to ADAM disks easily. My computer 
room also looks like a bomb hit it though with boxes all over and my 2nd PC 
all torn apart and drives dangling out of it.

Just played the theme from Star Wars on midi-mite..cool!

Joe B.

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> OK...this is getting frustrating. I am trying to run a program on my older 
> PC from DOS called PC2ADAM. It was written by Chris Brayman, and among 
> other things, it will transfer midi files off your PC to an ADAM formatted 
> disk (either 160k or 320k).
> But it only writes to an ADAM disk on Drive A:
> I'm using a DOS program called ASSIGN.COM to fool the computer into 
> thinking the 3.5" inch drive is Drive B: and the 5.25" drive is Drive A:
> But while the computer might think A: is B: and B: is A:, the program is 
> apparently smarter than that and still tries to access the 3.5" drive as 
> A: when I run it.
> Am I missing something or is this just impossible to do? I think you must 
> need a dual drive 5.25" inch computer to have any hope of this program 
> running.
> Would there be any way of easily patching the program to look for Drive B: 
> rather than A:?
> NOTES: No, I can't switch the drives in BIOS. No, I can't switch the 
> cable...the 2.5" drive apparently always wants to be A:
> Hope I haven't confused you.
> Thanks
> Joe Blenkle
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