[Coladam] wormholes

Frances &/or Richard Clee cleechez at tamcotec.com
Mon Mar 30 21:27:32 CEST 2009

The computer security establishment is all in a flap over the Conflicker 
worm, which they believe has infected around half a million networks 
worldwide and is to be activated Wednesday (April 1).

No one knows what it will do, but the worst-case scenario is mischief so 
prevelant it crashes the 'net and/or has teh effect of some vast denial 
of service attack. Or it may be someone's idea of a joke.

I intend, if we end up with the internet inacccessible on Wednesday, to 
try chat again at 9 p.m. om Thursday. Any others so minded are invited 
to join.

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