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Dave Sands dave.audrie.sands at shaw.ca
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Hello Geoff
         well if there's anything Canadians are good at, it's advice.
         (we've been  telling  Americans where to go for years  :=})
         don't forget your newly required US return identification, 
or you may find yourself New Canadians. we anticipate a large number 
of reluctant immigrants who suddenly discover that living in 
Schenectady for 40 years and belonging to the NRA and the Church 
doesn't cut it anymore. you have to have the right pieces of paper, 
or you can't go home again. getting out of Canada will not be the problem.
         I'll leave it to the easterners on the list to enumerate the 
delights of Montreal in November.
         as for a few hints, even colder than upstate NY and 
expressed in an incomprehensible system, and often, a different language.
(French is the official second language of Canada. in reality, more 
people speak Mandarin or Punjabi.)
         enjoy your trip to Montreal, which is actually part of 
Canada, although not politely mentioned.

At 08:39 PM 5/30/2009, Geoff Oltmans wrote:
>I need some advice from my Canadian friends. ;)
>My wife and I are planning a trip to her sister's wedding in Vermont.
>Her sister lives in upstate NY, so we were thinking about doing a side
>trip for a few days up to Montreal (about an hour's drive away). Any
>recommendations on places to stay/things to do? This will be the
>second week of November. Will it be too cold to do anything? ;)
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