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Geoff Oltmans oltmansg at bellsouth.net
Sun May 31 16:10:45 CEST 2009

heheh... hey now... we're not all like that down here. ;)

I'm well familiar with the entry/exit requirements now. When all this  
passport business started in '07 I was planning our honeymoon cruise  
to the Caribbean. (I won't get into how dumb I think a stupid piece of  
paper is to deter determined terrorists, and/or that terrorist would  
be planning an attack from Grand Caymen, but whatever). One of my  
coworker's family trips was nearly ruined... they had to leave early  
before their trip and drive to Atlanta to pick up a passport for their  
son. Anyways, It took 16(!) weeks to process and get Jennifer's the  
passport back. Several months later and a few days before the wedding  
day I was showing off the fancy new passport to Jennifer's dad... look  
at all the itaglio printing! RFID chip! multi colors! Her dad: "Her  
name's misspelled." WHAT???!? Sure enough, they had managed to spell  
Jennifer, "Jennfier". I called the passport "helpline" and they  
weren't sure if it would work (and these are the guy's that are  
supposed to know!). One guy told me, "You'll have to get a replacement  
passport before your trip otherwise she won't be allowed back in the  
country. You'll have to come to the issuing passport agency in person  
to get one expedited." That's real convenient! New Orleans is a 7 hour  
drive away! Thankfully the rules were relaxed and the immigration/ 
customs agents looked at the document for a total of about 10 seconds  
coming and going. That's secure! :rolleyes

We've still got to get that fixed (plus the name change). Being the  
stingineer I'm hoping to get that fixed for free. We've had a baby  
girl a couple months ago, and according to the State Department's  
website, a copy of her birth certificate is sufficient to satisfy  
their WHTI rules for land/sea crossings.

I've been to Canada a few times now. My family went to Glacier  
National Park in '91 and we rolled over to the Waterton Lakes Area.  
Went to Niagara Falls in '01, and a couple trips to Vancouver/Victoria  
(last was in '06 for Canada Day). Aside from Canada Day, getting into  
Canada was never the problem, it was getting back (at least after  
'01). Funny you mentioned Mandarin. It seemed like people of Chinese  
ancestry were everywhere when my buddy and I went in '05, and looking  
at the population stats is seems we were right (not that there's  
anything wrong with that). I know the west coast is a different animal  
in that regard, but I guess that a lot of people from Hong Kong fled  
before it was turned back over to the Chinese.

I think we're leaning toward saving Montreal for a better time of the  
year. The rental car will cost an extra $100 for the week we'll be up  
there just for a couple day stayover and if we go we want to stay in a  
nice place, so I figure that's a good $400-500 that would be spent at  
a later date (preferably summer or fall).

On May 31, 2009, at 12:56 AM, Dave Sands wrote:

> Hello Geoff
>        well if there's anything Canadians are good at, it's advice.
>        (we've been  telling  Americans where to go for years  :=})
>        don't forget your newly required US return identification, or  
> you may find yourself New Canadians. we anticipate a large number of  
> reluctant immigrants who suddenly discover that living in  
> Schenectady for 40 years and belonging to the NRA and the Church  
> doesn't cut it anymore. you have to have the right pieces of paper,  
> or you can't go home again. getting out of Canada will not be the  
> problem.
>        I'll leave it to the easterners on the list to enumerate the  
> delights of Montreal in November.
>        as for a few hints, even colder than upstate NY and expressed  
> in an incomprehensible system, and often, a different language.
> (French is the official second language of Canada. in reality, more  
> people speak Mandarin or Punjabi.)
>        enjoy your trip to Montreal, which is actually part of  
> Canada, although not politely mentioned.
>        regards
>        Dave
> At 08:39 PM 5/30/2009, Geoff Oltmans wrote:
>> I need some advice from my Canadian friends. ;)
>> My wife and I are planning a trip to her sister's wedding in Vermont.
>> Her sister lives in upstate NY, so we were thinking about doing a  
>> side
>> trip for a few days up to Montreal (about an hour's drive away). Any
>> recommendations on places to stay/things to do? This will be the
>> second week of November. Will it be too cold to do anything? ;)
>> Later,
>> Geoff
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