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Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Mon Jun 15 02:08:34 CEST 2009

Don't look at me, I'm canadian too and it seems that only US bidders are allowed for this auction. Anyway, I don't have money for that.

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> De: Frances and/or Richard Clee <cleechez at tamcotec.com>
> Objet: [Coladam] eBay auction
> À: coladam at adamcon.org
> Date: Dimanche 14 Juin 2009, 17h32
> OK, the price has gone up to a bit
> over $60 with everyone seemingly 
> running out of steam. So the question is: who among us
> thinks the 
> community needs it badly enough to chip in a few bucks
> toward the purchase?
> Questions that need answering: who is in for how much? What
> is the most 
> we are willing to pay? Who among us feels that it is worth
> purchasing?
> Who is willing to be our designated hitter - the one who
> actually bids 
> and handles the transaction? Are we going to ask the same
> of all 
> participants or each of us volunteer what we can afford?
> Who gets the 
> goods if we win?
> My personal view: if our gurus think it's worth it, I'm in.
> I'll start 
> at $20 but am approachable if we need more. I think BobS
> should be our 
> bidder, assuming he's willing. If we win, I'd say park one
> in Canada 
> with Daniel or Dale, and let Dr. D. and geoff flip for the
> other.
> But those are my top of the head feelings,I'm open to
> discussion. So how 
> does everyone else feel?
> And remember there is a deadline, so answer fast!
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